Much as I would like you to give me all your money, I have to point out that all the most important stuff everybody gets for the same low price:
Not to say I'm all that and a bag of chips, mind you. I'm just making sure you know that when you hire Robert Westerman Photography, you get Robert Westerman, the person whose work you see, the person you meet, the owner who eats or starves on your get the idea.
Engagement Portrait Session.
Not only a set of relaxed, fun pictures to go along with the wedding day images, but time for us to get to know each other, for you to know what to expect on the BIG DAY, and for me to learn about what will make for the best wedding day photographs.
All Day Coverage.
Really. Really really. I'll start where and when you want, and I won't leave the reception before you do. I mean, what if I missed a really great shot?! As if.
All edited images uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Quality prints are conveniently available for everyone's purchasing pleasure. Endless linking with Facebook is always free.

Digital Negatives.
The complete edited images, Portrait and Wedding, with no strings attached. These are delivered after the Pixieset site closes, three months after the images are made available on line.
Your spending allowance towards any product or service your heart desires, before or after the wedding.
All this requires on your part is $1,000 retainer at agreement signing to reserve your date, and $1,500 on or before the wedding day. $2,500 -- that's it. OK, sure, tax, but elsewise you don't have to spend another cent. Unless you really want to.
If you want to check out my package in slightly more detail, this link will help. To get the complete picture of available products and services, please click the Contact tab, and let's get together!

Common questions and my somewhat helpful answers:
Do you offer albums?
Oh, my, yes! Please click on this Album Pricing Link to download a list of current album offerings.
Do I get an album for the $2,500?
Sadly, no. My lowest cost album runs $800. After your spending allowance that still leaves $300, so out the door you're looking at $2,800.
So I don't get an album for the basic $2,500?
No, pretty much not. Only about half of my clients get albums, so I start my pricing with the lower budget in mind.
What else is the Spending Allowance good for?
Prints, frames, wait for it...prints IN frames. Seriously, though, I offer a nice framed Engagement Portrait print with a big, plain mat that everyone signs at the reception. I call it the Signature Mat. Catchy, eh? It makes for quite the original piece of art. I also photograph other events associated with the wedding, like the rehearsal dinner and party. Thank You cards with images from the wedding are a regular favorite, as well. Here are some ideas and prices.
Do you take credit cards?
You betcha. I even have the card swipey thingy.
You're sure there is no album included in the basic $2,500?
Did I mention I used to be a paramedic? Sure there's tears and blood in the church aisles, too, but mostly things are more manageable than your typical car accident. This experience has blessed me with apparently limitless patience. I never lose my cool on the job. No matter what. Ever.
And, no, no album.
What if I want something I don't see on your price list?
You're in luck. I know the boss, I can talk him into anything.
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